Webcam Log

Select View – Webcam Log on the menu to view the log with webcam images.
A Webcam Log consists of a thumbnail gallery. The creation date and time is shown for every thumbnail. To view a full-size image, double-click its thumbnail or select the necessary thumbnail and press Enter. You can use the following keys while viewing full-size images:

  • Arrow Keys – move the screenshot up/down/right/left.
  • Page Down – show the next screenshot.
  • Page Up – show the previous screenshot.
  • Home – show the first screenshot in the log.
  • End – show the last screenshot in the log.
  • Enter – switch back to thumbnails.

To view entries for a certain period, select it in Date Filter.

To view the entire log, enable the All period option.

Use the Content Filter to filter entries by their contents.

  • User - Windows username.
  • Match Case – filter entries taking into account the letter case.