Control Page

This page is used to specify the general log settings.

Select one or several log types and click the Settings button. The settings for the selected log types will appear. If you select several types, but their settings are different, the default values will be shown. Select one type at a time to specify their settings separately.


To add a target, click the Add button and specify its name. To edit an existing target, select it in the list and click it. To remove one or several targets, select them in the list and click the Remove button. The program will create logs of the selected type if at least one target is active in the list or if the list of targets is empty.

  • Enable logging - enable the selected log types.
  • Targets - only the selected targets will be monitored. You can use wildcard characters in the target name (question mark ("?") - any character, asterisk character ("*") - any number of characters).
    • User- Windows username.
    • Window Title - active window title.
    • Process name - the name of the process whose window is active.
  • Maximum log size - the maximum total file size of the selected logs after which logging is stopped. Enable this option to prevent the disk from getting full.


To use the selected log type only at certain hours and on certain weekdays, enable the Enable Scheduler option. To enable/disable logging at a certain time, select it in the table and click the cell.