Control Page

Ardamax Keylogger can regularly send logs it creates using several methods. To do it, select the Send logs every checkbox and specify the time interval between sending logs. It is not recommended to set a too long interval so that logs do not grow too big. Otherwise, sending them may cause difficulties. The optimal interval is set by default. After logs are successfully sent, they are deleted on the local computer.

  • Delivery method - log delivery method: email, uploading them via FTP or moving them to a network folder. You should specify the settings for every selected method on the corresponding page. You can select several delivery methods simultaneously.
  • Log format – the form logs that will be sent in:
    • Encrypted - send encrypted logs. You can open them in Log Viewer.
    • HTML - send logs as web pages. You do not need Log Viewer to view such logs.
  • Include - the types of logs to be sent.
  • Send only if log size exceeds - send logs only when their total size exceeds the specified size. If it is necessary to send logs no matter what their size is, clear this checkbox.