Getting Started

Right after you install and run Ardamax Keylogger, it starts monitoring your computer. It adds an icon to the System Tray.

Right-click the icon to access the options. You will see the menu.

Menu items

  • View Log - start Log Viewer to view the saved logs. A double-click on the icon with the left mouse button will do the same.
  • Remote Installation - start Remote Installation Wizard to create a remote installation package.
  • Hidden Mode - switch the program to the Hidden Mode.
  • Options - open the Ardamax Keylogger options.
  • Purchase - open the program registration page.
  • Help - open this manual.
  • Home Page - open the Ardamax Keylogger homepage on the Internet.
  • Enter registration key - enter the registration key.
  • About - view information about the program.
  • Exit - exit the program and stop monitoring the computer.